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Verizon OK afterall… August 1, 2007

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I was editing this very long post and WordPress deleted it. All I asked it to do was save it, but NOooooooooooo! It deleted it. Oh well, you’ll have to read something else.

(Quick synopsis of post – Verizon wireless service rep rocked.)


One Response to “Verizon OK afterall…”

  1. CellSpider Says:

    Well, at least Verizon doesn’t suck. I tried that last year with my Sprint account, where I’d had an account for 5 years, and they said too bad for you. I told them if they didn’t take the charges off, that I would switch to another carrier, and they still didn’t care. Needless to say, I switched to Verizon the next month.

    What’s crazy is that I sell this stuff for a living. Sprint should have bent over backwards to save my business, especially since I told them I would switch if they didn’t fix their error.

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