Small Town, Big Life

The siesta is over… July 13, 2007

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I haven’t written in a really, really long time. Well, at least I haven’t written on my blog. I write every day regardless because it’s part of my job. I edit mostly but occassionally I get bored of that and bump a freelancer and put in my own story. That’s the benefit of being in my position.

Don’t take it the wrong way. My job is less than glamourous, less than full time and less than good pay, but somehow I’ve been doing it for 7 months now and can still pay my bills. Sure my credit card has a little bit of a balance on it and sure I had to postpone my student loan repayments for at least the next 6 months, but for some reason or another I’ve no success at finding another job.

The double edge of the sword is though that I can’t find one thing I’m half way interested in. Aside from the aforementioned cons of the job, it’s at least interesting. I can’t decide if I’d rather be poor and intrigued or comfortable and bored to tears.

I guess it remains to be seen. Either way, the “writing for fun” break is over. I hope to start making this a more regular gig. We’ll see how it goes.


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