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It’s just the weather. April 16, 2007

Where has spring gone? I was very happy with the 80 degree temps last week, but now things have changed. It’s windy. It’s cold. It’s rainy. I have permanently affixed myself to the couch all weekend and watched a multitude of enigmatic programming. I still can’t believe that there are people whose job it is to come up with this stuff. Even more unbelievable is that I have spent 72 hours watching it. It’s a sad life I lead when the weather’s bad.

I feel even worse due to new medication that I am taking for a little health issue that I am dealing with. Nothing major, just not interested in going in to detail about it here. I could possibly have become anemic over the last few days. No..en..er..gy..blah.

Even worse is that my poor puppy has been cooped up in his backyard playpen for days now because it’s been too cold and rainy to take him on his much beloved walks. I am just not interested in walking a muddy, wet dog for a mile in the rain and cold. Luckily he’s got a decent enough running area in the backyard. He’s pissed though. I can tell. But, yesterday he looked like and Oreo – half white, half black –  from the rich mud in the yard and his incessant need to lie in mud puddles or his kiddie pool filled with muck. Sometimes I don’t understand canines.

Also, it’s been quite a weekend. If I believed in all the hocus pocus of Friday the 13th this weekend would have been a perfect example of its witchery. My poor pug woke up Friday morning sounding like a seasoned smoker suffering from emphysema. Mother took him to the vet. He has bronchitis. So I have had to remind myself twice a day to trick him into taking his meds. Tasty bread and peanut butter do the trick, but then I have to make a treat for our rat terrier as well because she’s the alpha dog and gets pissy if you don’t give her something as well. Again, I sometimes don’t understand canines.

Work starts again tomorrow. My officemate will be out all next week due to some elective surgery. I am looking forward to being cut off from the world in my warm office. Just me and John Mayer singing the blues. I promise I’m not depressed. It’s just the weather.


One Response to “It’s just the weather.”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    So I didn’t read my e-mail first and tried to read your site by clicking on my “Christen” Link. You weren’t there.

    I love this new site! It fits you better, I think. (That’s not to say that your other blog wasn’t great…I just like this one more!)

    The weather here has been crazy at best. We had two inches of rain over the past two days, but I went to the park and got sun on my shoulders for a few hours yesterday, in between storms. Later, there was word that it was icy in Charlotte. I have no idea.

    Oh, and Poor Puppy! I hope he gets better very soon. I just came in to work, and do not have the pleasure of being isolated, so please enjoy that for those of us who work in a crazy office.

    On that note, I am going to close my door. 🙂 Have a great one, Chand. And thanks so much for the card. It was very sweet!

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