Small Town, Big Life

Giving it all and then some. January 5, 2007

Filed under: advice,brother,giving,working,Writing — handwritten @ 11:56 pm

I started the new year with grandiose resolutions – writing on this blog everyday, exercising everyday, eating healthier, being more thoughtful, being more creative.  I’ve accomplished most of those things but you can tell from my posts that I’ve put off the “writing on this blog everyday” thing. I had intentions to do so but something my brother said to me the other day made me realize that everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

After complaining that I was upset with myself because I didn’t feel I was putting 100% into everything I’m doing – working, writing, exercising, creativeness – he told me this: “You only have 100% to put into things. If you put 100% into writing you can’t put even 10% into anything else because you don’t have it to give. You have to put what you got into what you’re doing at the time and hope everything else floats along until you have something to give to them.”

God Bless that Boy. 


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