Small Town, Big Life

Christmas spirit and changed lives December 20, 2006

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Where the fa-la-la is the Christmas spirit? Forget the presents and tinsel. Where is the humanity and respect for your neighbor? In the town I currently live, as with most decently sized
U.S. cities, there is a certain population of people with no home. Some of these citizens walk the streets in the downtown area where my office is located.
These same 10 or so men walk up and down the sidewalks every day and are passed by as non-entities. There coats tattered and torn, their pants dirty and ripped, people brush past them as though they weren’t even standing right in the middle of the sidewalk. I am guilty of this too. At least I was guilty of this until yesterday.Yesterday, I was taking a walk down to the pharmacy to get a soda when I passed one of these men. Being a young woman, I am a little chary of unfamiliar men in general when I am walking by myself. I am fully aware of the number of young women that go missing every year because they were oblivious to their surroundings and too trusting of strangers. Being as I would like to continue to live my normal, comfortable life, I try to remain un-kidnapped, un-robbed, un-raped and un-murdered. I do this by being wary of unfamiliarity around me.Anyways, back to my story. I was passing by this man and trying my best not to make eye contact yet remain fully aware of his movements. As I came into his “personal space” he greeted me with a “Merry Christmas” and a smile. It was an innocent smile; not one that gave me the wary-ness I was anticipating. I returned his greeting and went on my way. I had never before seen this particular man before nor have I seen him since. I’m not saying one way or another but angels do walk among us. And, though simple, that one greeting has altered my outlook on things of this nature. Rather than go through life oblivious to the world around me, living in my own little world of selfishness, I should at least think of others – even the man walking down the street with no home to call his own. What would happen if everyone took the time to think of just one person, a different person each day? What kind of wave could we create? What if we stepped outside our comfort area and took the time to think of someone other than our friends and family – a stranger, someone we have never met? You may not think a simple “hello” and well-wishing could change someone’s life. I didn’t either until it changed mine.  


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