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Life is Frustrating. November 9, 2006

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Today had to be one of the most frustating days of work in my entire life. I really can’t stand it when people try to be the boss of me, especially when they’re NOT MY BOSS!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s turn to the election. I am not going to pretend that I am up on politics and throw out big words that I really have no idea what they mean. All I am going to say is – People let’s get over this. You can just see the different parties plotting against one another and how smug they get when they win and how acidic they turn when they lose. What happened to “one nation?”

At this point, if someone is running for a high office, it is my opinion that they pretty much can do the job. It’s not about who can do the best job but who can beat whom these days.

It’s pretty much a mess and we’re are so deep in it that it’s not ever going to get any better. I find it humorous those people who get all wound up over stuff they can’t really change – now I guess I am preaching to the choir.


One Response to “Life is Frustrating.”

  1. Coty Says:

    Your so retarded.

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