Small Town, Big Life

Take a Chill Pill People! October 27, 2006

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I really wish people would chill out. I know that not everyone responds well under pressure but if your job warrants high stress situations, let’s be adults. People respond differently to stress. Some get overzealous and go crazy with emails and phone calls, scared they are going to miss something. Others sit quietly until the pressure gets so high they can’t hold it in anymore, exploding on anyone who says anything out of the way. Yet, there are others who handle stress well. I am one of those people. You can pretty much throw anything at me and I can handle it. My bosses in many of my past jobs have commented on how well I work under pressure. I just don’t get flustered. Frustrated – yes. Flustered – no. And, I only get frustrated when something is out of my control, say the computer decides to eat the last two hours of my work or Word’s formatting goes haywire – again. But, those things are not major in my book. Give me pages to write, proposals to pull together, bills to pay, appointments to attend – I am okay. Work is work. Life is life. The work will never be completely finished. Life will always be there. There will always be “something.” You just have to do one thing at a time and know that tomorrow something else will be there. It’s not the most glamorous life to live but even the glamorous people have crap to do.


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