Small Town, Big Life

The World According to C October 26, 2006

Filed under: Procrastination,Uncategorized,wasting time — handwritten @ 2:19 pm

It amazes me how people waste time. I do it. Everyone does it. In fact, I am doing it right now. I am not going to tell you what I should be doing instead of blogging but let’s just say that I might get into trouble if “they” found out.

What do you do that wastes time? And if you feel as though you are wasting time, are you really procrastinating or are you doing something that you want to do rather than what you need to do? And if in fact you are doing something you want to do, is that wasting time?

This train of thought brings me to another topic – wants and needs. Who’s to say what it is that you want and what it is that you need? Sure, I want that new purse but in fact, I do need it as well. I need it to make me feel my best, feel secure, know that I look pulled together and professional. Sure, I could go run a mile or something but, for me, that is not something that fulfills me. Why do my needs have to be the same as yours? That purse may in fact help me snag a client or get a promotion, this thought pattern being based on the research that shows that everyone is judged by how they look and the vibe they give off in the first 3 seconds of meeting someone. That client could bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue over the next year. Why would I want to screw it up by being less than the best I can be?

Please don’t leave me posts about how the world is shot to hell because of that consumerism thinking. The world is shot to hell for a lot less than that. I am not, by any means, promoting materialism. I am simply contemplating the idea that we are all different and we need different things. I need that extra 15 minutes of sleep in the mornings. I need that hour of alone time in the afternoons. I need to be close to my loved ones. I need to relieve stress by shopping. I need these things. What do you need?

I want to explore the ideas that we are who we think others want us to be. Sure, you’ll come to me with the “I am my own person” bit, but are you really? Aren’t you just that way because maybe your parents or guardians taught you to be an independent thinker? Aren’t you that way because maybe your parents didn’t teach you to be an independent thinker and thus you rebelled? So, if that’s the case, your “self” is and has and always will be based on them. You will never be “your own person.” There is no way – unless you get struck on the head and have catastrophic memory loss. But, even then you will be re-taught by someone, picking up their likes and dislikes which are based on someone else’s. We are all connected here, people! Let’s accept that.


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